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& Security, Inc.

For all your Locksmith needs -
Serving Bethesda, Rockville, Potomac,
Kensington, Silver Spring, Wheaton, NW DC

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Kensington-Wheaton Lock & Security, Inc. is a "SHOP ON WHEELS".  We Come To You.  A fully stocked shop on wheels will provide expert service to their clients.  No need to leave your business, or home.


  • Old Locks Updated
  • Patio Door Locks
  • Panic Hardware
  • Push button Locks (Electronic/Non-Electronic)
  • High Security Locks
  • Re-Keying/Master Keying
  • Peep Holes
  • Door Closers
  • Deadbolt Locks
  • Door Knobs/Levers
  • Safe Opening/Servicing
  • Foreclosures
  • Lockouts


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The typical thief is an amateur. He's young, he’s alone, and he‘s afraid of getting caught. Don‘t let his inexperience fool you though. He's looking for an opportunity, and if your home or business isn't protected, chances are he’ll break in.


That's a simple truth. For most people though, the crime of burglary isn't real. “So many homeowners think it won't happen to them, "says Tom Lucas, owner of Kensington-Wheaton Lock & Security, Inc. “Most people think their homes are secure."


Unfortunately, many are not. Maybe too many keys were made and one ended up in the wrong hands. Maybe a deadbolt lock had been installed, but it wasn't top-of-the-line quality and it wasn't installed by a professional. Those two qualities make all the difference in the world. "So many people go to the stores and buy this junk. Half the stuff in new homes is $100 a truckload quality. lt's not going to hold," Lucas adds.


But Kensington-Wheaton Lock & Security, Inc. can help. Lucas, a Vietnam veteran and long-time security expert, offers a full array of security services to residential, commercial, and institutional customers, including, for example:

“l not only install the lock, I service it too," Lucas adds. He‘s the full service professional who offers service to the community residential, commercial, and residential client. He also offers public awareness seminars on how to keep yourself, and your property safe. He'll repair or replace equipment damaged in a break in and re-key all locks. Door jambs can be strengthened. Why, he’ll even help with your security in a new home.


Simply put, Kensington-Wheaton Lock & Security, Inc. is an established security firm that uses top-of-the-line Medeco, Schlage, and Kwikset locks.


Lucas' professionalism shows, too. He’s a past VP and board member of the Locksmiths Association of the Washington, DC. Area lnc. for (3) terms. He is a past Chairman of the American Society for Industrial Security for (2) terms. He has held membership in the National Assn. of Chiefs of Police, The American Police Academy and various community associations.

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